Contributor Notes
Jackson Mac Low
Anne Tardos
Charles O. Hartman
  • Charles O. Hartman has published two books of poems: _The Pigfoot Rebellion_ (Godine, 1982) and _True North_ (Copper Beech, 1990), and a third, _Glass Enclosure_, will be published by Wesleyan University Press in the spring of 1995. _Sentences_, a collaboration with Hugh Kenner, "with computer interventions," is forthcoming from Sun & Moon. Princeton University Press has published _Free Verse: An Essay on Prosody_ (1981) and _Jazz Text: Voice and Improvisation in Poetry, Jazz, and Song_ (1992).
  • Charles O. Hartman
    Box 5505, 670 Williams St., Apt. 2,
    Connecticut College, New London, CT 06320
    270 Mohegan Avenue, New London, CT 06320
    203/439-2172; 203/443-6525
    Forrest Richey
  • Forrest Richey--poet, scientist, inventor, net-worker, editor, publisher of TRANSMOG: a zine of absurd, dada, surreal, experimental, found, computer generated/altered, stream of consciousness, etc. texts and graphic art. 2-6 Issues/yr. Est. October 1991. Includes contributor names/addresses. Trades OK, submissions OK (payment is copy of issue including your work), no subscriptions, single issue $1 or 3-stamp long SASE, copies of back issues 1-6 $1.50/set, issues 7-10 $2.00/set or 1-10 $3.00/set (ppd). Ficus strangulensis c/o strangulensis Research Labs; Rt 6 Box 138, Charleston, WV 25311 (ca. 11 pp 8.5"x11")
    James McCrary
  • McCrary now lives in Lawrence, Kansas. He is married to the painter Susan Ashline. He works part time for William S. Burroughs, fellow Lawrencian. He teaches poetry and poetics at the Lawrence Arts Center and started the Lawrence Poetry Slam at a local topless club. His books published are: Coon Creek, University of Kansas, 1971; Some Poems, Salt Point Press, 1979; The Effect of Sun..., Avec, 1982; And/Or, e.g. books, St. Paul, MN, 1989; and West of Mass, Tansy Books, Lawrence, KS, 1992. His poems have appeared in the following magazines in recent times: Exquisite Corpse, Caliban, Avec, Loose Gravel, Rolling Stock, Cottonwood, GRIST On-Line, Coal Creek Review, :that:, Texture and Borderline.
    Ron Silliman
  • Dear fowler / Grist, Sending you a text written collaboratively at the University at Albany by a group which calls itself Purkinge (Pur kin gee)--we're hoping that you'll consider circulating it in one of your upcoming editions of Grist. If you are interested, just let us know via my address, cf2785@albnyvms. Thanks, Chris Funkhouser.
    John Fowler
  • Editor and publisher of GRIST On-Line. Recent visual poems have appeared in TO, TEXTURE, and Heaven Bone.
    Karl Young
  • Poet, editor and publisher of Light & Dust Books.
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    Jackson Mac Low
  • Open Secrets, CD recording, approximately 74 minutes. 1993. Experimental Intermedia Foundation,$ 12.00
  • Representative Works, $18.95, Roof
  • Representative Works, $12.95, Roof
  • Twenties, $8.95, Roof
  • Virginia Woolf Poems, $15.00, Burning Deck
  • Virginia Woolf Poems, $ 5.00, Burning Deck
  • FORTY-TWO MERZGEDICHTE in Memoriam Kurt Schwitters: February, 1987 - September, 19 , $ 14.95, Station Hill
  • French Sonnets, $ 7.00, Light & Dust
  • Bloomsday, $ 5.95, Station Hill
  • From Pearl Harbor Day...., $ 5.95, Sun & Moon
  • Pieces O'Six, $11.95, Sun & Moon
  • Pronouns, $ 4.45, Station Hill
  • Words nd Ends From Ez, $7.50, Avenue B
  • Words nd Ends From Ez (signed), $ 18.00, Avenue B
    Charles O. Hartman
  • Jazz Text: Voice & Improvisation in Poetry, Jazz & Song, $29.95, Princeton
  • Free Verse: An Essay on Prosody, $54.90, Books on Demand
  • True North, $ 7.95, Copper Beech
    James McCrary
  • Coon Creek, $ 1.00, Cottonwood
  • West of Mass, $ 7.00, Tansey
    From: Steven Hirsch <>
    Subject: Heaven Bone Chap Contest

    1995 Heaven Bone Press International Chapbook Competition welcomes poetry manuscripts until July 15th, 1995. Send 32 pages max. with a $10.00 entry fee and an SASE for return of your mss. All entrants will receive a copy of the winning chap as long as they enclose an SASE. Previous winners include Lori Anderson: Walking the Dead ($4.95), Janine Pommy Vega: Red Bracelets ()$5.95) and Michael Burwell: North and West ($4.95). Heaven Bone magazine issue #11 is recently published including poems, fiction and reviews from Diane DiPrima, Michael McClure, Jake Berry, Marge Piercy, Andrew Joron [John Fowler] and many others. Sample copy $6.00 For additional guidelines send a #10 SASE with $.52 postage to: P.O. Box 486, Chester, NY 10918.

    Number 1/1994, $4.50; Number 2/1995, $4.50.
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