Hannah Weiner - sand
          Hannah Weiner
          seen wordswith
          sandra moor
          silent teacher

     daughter pail   slipper sale underwail
     skip ertipertothewail  skip  ertipertothehail
     re marks my old mother died and she lied
     across the veil  milage mail  skipertiperto the pail
     well only one we daughters sung
     mix up breed   well ill take her
     no way scrail  we d rather flail scrail
     well it takes some understan
     now i sit upon the land
     well i guess we end it do re me
     now sister e is the simple one
     what she spee  well gather and bespeak ye
     joy to ye
     whipperamerstam  well yer power gone
     if we dont like your tongue
     yer gotta be among  well the elders see
     flakerstrake  rattlesnake  well its ok'
     tell him  to close his mouth and take a hake
     fertermertail is what i guess comes next
     sister beat them to the last agree
     twenty seven in the family  poetry
     sake the strake and let it lake i gonna ate
     well for me  ho we plan a tree
     fermertail  we didnt get skrate
     well i guess yer could use a cup
     well stickerail  my pa did well say
     mailerwail  contrail  cut the slail
     striker piker mail yer lernuskail
     well i met a flaw  stakerslaker and she bow
     well whatchagot to meet  sancha feet
     now which book yer visions see
     it was the new  well okee
     now the old one he i see
     80 nearly 90
     passed on old henry

From Grist On-Line #1, October, 1993. An original publication.
© copyright 1993, Hannah Weiner