GRIST On-Line #1
First Published via Internet E-Mail Subscription List, October, 1993

Title Page

Editorial Statement

Appetite by Douglas Blazek

darkness will laugh beyond by Will Inman

A Song by Tuli Kupferberg

Santa Fe. Wires into Infinity. by Carol Berge

the mild stranger's story by Carol Berge

Forms: The Challenge by Carol Berge

from NON by Ron Silliman

Yellow Windows by Clayton Eshleman

WOOS.PU.EE by Allen De Loach

Tall Orders by ezra

WORDS by ezra

Approaching Eighty by David Ignatow

Reading Notes by Jim McCrary

the work by Armand Schwerner

Ethane by Ross Thomson

from What to Whisper Until It Rains by Karl Young

The Prayer of Anthills by Jim Jurado

sand by Hannah Weiner

Slink by Ficus strangulensis

Was Poe Afraid? by Charles Plymell

Go To The Sunset and Turn by Charles Plymell

Brief Encounter by Kirby Congdon

from The Lorca Variations by Jerome Rothenberg

from What to Whisper Until It Rains by Karl Young

Review of WEST OF MASS by Charles Plymell


FiCus comments: by Ficus

*Nous Refuse* by Joe Amato

DDT and the DreamWorld BBS by fowler

What is Mail Art? by Ashley Parker Owens

Networker Telenetlink by Chuck Welch (Crackerjack Kid)

Spunk Press Manifesto Spunk Press Collective

Poetry Publication Showcase



Electronic Publishing: What is it and why does it mean Choice? by Paul Peacock

Letters to the Editor

Quotations from various authors scattered between the texts.