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The primary purpose of Glossolalia is to serve as an organ to cultivate experimental methods of creation in the spheres of various arts. This journal is not intended to be a static showcase of refined results of such experimental methods, or of any other type of arts entertainment.

Glossolalia promotes artistic communication and collaboration. It encourages the eclectic creation of artistic projects and formulation of aesthetic ideas.

Glossolalia seeks for potential submissions of writing and visual work. It supports all manner of unorthodox, obscure methods of creation:

Glossolalia is based on the idea that all expression, be it visual, textual, aural, or tactile, is visible embodiment of language. Language is not just spoken or written words. Language is the all-around means for communicating feelings and perceptions.

Glossolalia attempts to expand the concept of language.


I am not interested in the philo-theological question whether language was originally created by man or is it of divine origin, given. The single point of importance is that language exists as an autonomous entity, independent of the sender and the receiver. Language is there, like ether.

"A" is the sender, and "B" is the receiver. "X" is both the message and the medium. Message and medium are inseparable and cannot exist without each other.

Medium is more important than the message-1 because the medium itself always contains a message-2.

Message-1 is unidirectional, or bidirectional at best. Message-2 is omnidirectional. Message-2 is the "speech" of the medium.

50% of this is supposed to unfold itself in the receiving end, in the eye of the beholder, like .ZIP packages, viruses, or client-side imagemaps...

This idea is an intricate question of discernment between seeing and reading, hearing and listening.

You have this code from a distant quasar. The sender, parsecs away, has long since proceeded to other duties.

A tribute to Guillermo Deisler (1940-1995).


Send 2 to 5 pieces. For prose, and long poems, single pieces are OK.

Please think this in a Darwinian sense. As if submitting to a sperm bank. You are sending your "projection" to the unknown. You are sending your self as a projection. Language is a prosthesis [1]. Survival equals mutation.


Writings on the general or specific themes of experimentation in arts practice; experimental arts theory and history.


These items may be submitted ad lib. Send information. Relevant items will be published in Glossolalia. Editor reserves the right to modify entries.


For the HTML version, the graphics files must be in either GIF or JPEG format.

Submissions will be accepted in any format, however. Differing formats will be converted to GIF or JPEG. (This causes some degradation / distortion of the image quality, so please keep to GIF and JPEG when sending graphics submissions.)

Individual graphics files should not exceed 100 kB. Note that TIFF and PSD files shrink down considerably when compressed as JPEG.

AVI, MOV, MPEG, and GIF sequence submissions will be considered.


You should include a single sentence of biography of yourself with your submission, to appear in the "Contributors" section of the journal.


Submissions for Glossolalia are accepted via e-mail. Graphics files as MIME attachments, uu-encoded or BINHEXed. Send to:

Ordinary mail to:

J. Lehmus
Stenbocksv. 24
02860 Esbo


Glossolalia is Copyright © by J. Lehmus.

All individual works Copyright © by their respective authors. All further rights to works belong to the authors and revert to the authors on publication.


[1] prosthesis, < LL < Gk prósthesis a putting to, addition
27 August 1996

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Copyright © 1996 J. Lehmus. All individual works Copyright © 1996 by their respective authors. All further rights to works belong to the authors and revert to the authors on publication.