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shadow = projection invitation

As a part of my summer exhibition at Jangva Gallery, Helsinki, I am producing an installation that consists of photocopies of human skin in different body parts.

To realize this work, I invite you to send me skin photocopies. Put your hands or face inside a xerox machine and press COPY.

Electronic scanner works are also welcome. Please mail graphics files on diskette (MS-DOS or Macintosh format, any known graphics format) to my postal address or send as an email message with MIME attachment or uuencoded to my email address.

These photocopies needn't have any esthetic value in an "artistic" sense. The esthetics here is to use the photocopy as a medium (or a metaphor) of bodily communication.

No jury, no censorship. All received photocopies will be included in the installation.

Please include your postal address with the sending. You will receive a documentation of the shadow = projection exhibition.

Deadline: 18 August 1996

Send all material to:
J. Lehmus, Stenbocksv. 24, 02860 Esbo, Finland.

This project is an extension of the Shadow Project concept.

Cyanobacteria Publications
12 June 1996