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17th October, 1996

Included in this file:


TEXT7.TXT is a platform independent .txt which is not likely to achieve very much either for you as end-user or for me as programmer. It will possibly even crash certain systems (see Read_Me.1st). TEXT7.TXT is freeware but if you like it and you want to send me some money I will not stop you. This is the beta version so send me any bugs you come across.

Minimum Requirements

A little time. A certain familiarity with software documentation.


I could talk about all manner of wierd and wonderful things at this point. I could say that this .txt will enable you in some way or that it will make your life easier. I suppose that that is possible. We have already established that it is not going to save you any time. (See Minimum Requirements.) It has little to recommend it visually. It will look as good in white on a plain black screen as it would in the latest top of the range text editor with support for HTML and a script jukebox. If there is enough interest I may include hypermedia features in a future version. Edit a component by highlighting or deleting it and typing something in its place. Obviously I hope that someone somewhere likes the .txt otherwise I have wasted my time, and yours, completely.

Fourier Synthesis

I have no idea what it is or even what it might be.

Drag and Drop

If you have Drag and Drop facilities you can drag this .txt to a folder or dump it straight into the trash can.

Courier New

The .txt was written in Courier New. Should I ever have a headstone then it ought to be inscribed using Courier New. I have often wondered if the use of a particular font affects one's writing in any way.

Installing TEXT7.TXT

The .txt will self-install when the whole of this file is read. The order in which the sections are read is not important.

Uninstalling TEXT7.TXT

Press delete and forget that you ever saw this file.


This .txt may be freely distributed. This .txt must not be distributed in a modified form. (see Licence).


The copyright shall remain with the author who takes no resposibility for any damage of any sort arising from the use of this .txt. No money may be charged for this .txt in any way without the consent of the author. Also, it may not be distributed in any modified form without the consent of the author.

Feedback and Support

If you wish to discuss any aspect of this .txt or you just want to say Hi then contact the author at the following email address:

Glossolalia 9: Copyright © 1996 J. Lehmus. All individual works Copyright © 1996 by their respective authors. All further rights to works belong to the authors and revert to the authors on publication.