CONTENTS Glossolalia 9

Benjamin H. Henry

5 poems from i_strange:meant


     I consider your cranberry sauce cooked
     notions of food appropriate
     in this situation of missing cupboards
     she grinned, shelfing the recipe
     a degree away from its exact
     original location



     "Saturday night pressure" on
     friday night -- connecting to the invisible
     why meshed with elements
     like grass in cracks in pavement

         who could possibly sustain
     an amorous moment
     of illicit behavior
     suppressed repaginations

     mark separate border styles



     crammed into such a space
     the patterns match its own immensity --
     complexification through symmetry at odd angles,
     an observer from a unique vantage point

         maybe she was down there on the floor, the ceramic tile,
     squares continuing in both directions. mold in the grout,
     where it grows, a summoning
                   behavior emitted
                   through tranceivers

     what was once thought an approximation
     accumulates in basement drawers --
     the bottom incident will overcome
              and condense
     all howevers pounded
                   as ruptures burst
              not water
                   a pouring
                             of the  molten
     (reflected in her eyes)
                        almost relaxed
     with gained composure
                        from animosity
     a progression along
                        a forecasted linear
     belonging to the proper
                        generation that would fix
     the world's problems
                        (as they saw them)
     through slow rapture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
     . . . . . .. . .
                        pieces falling as curdles
     a vat of milk rich
                        with froth as if

     there were something held back
     something to be missed or being missed
     or Mrs.
         stolid on a grey background
     a pushbutton "alternative" to the
              suburban scene
     here in the city, residential section,
     in the abandoned by the middle class,
     a wreckage of stained oak trim
     and inadequate parking
                        margins supported.



     with flattened senses, the osity accroachable
         aimed in-to sal vation
         mixed necessity uncertain

     "... I thought that I had lived in a world
     as it was and there were all kinds of
     people in it and I tried to understand
     them, although some of them I could not
     like and some I hated." E.H.

     judgement raynes
                   to be

     maybe an agreement
         between the disputants

     forge hearing
              certain phrases

         lie awkward neck craned
         lift cage door closed

     wait for represenatives
                        code of power



     stories of annihalation
         by mass-media coverage
              linking nodes
         in an abiotic network

     hallucinations of shape
         and geometry
     fantasies of discernable location
         where fixed points of authority
         among irreverent
              remote controlled

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