G l o s s o l a l i a
Electronic Journal for Experimental Arts [ 9 ] December 1996
ISSN 1239-5773

Editor: J. Lehmus

information, [ME: a forming of the mind < ML, L: idea, conception]


Poetry & Prose

3 autumn poems by Reed Altemus
5 poems from i_strange:meant by Benjamin H. Henry
TEXT3.TXT by Krumm
TEXT7.TXT by Krumm
Simple Torment by S.C. Virtes
swap by J. Lehmus

Graphics folio

Handheld scanner works by Dudley Stewart

Contributors to this issue

Reed Altemus

Benjamin H. Henry

"Then I realised that Cyberspace had always existed"

J. Lehmus

Lorenzo Orzari

Dudley Stewart
"I am a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art. Having worked on canvas for several years and exhibited my material in several local galleries (The Maclellan Galleries, Brown Galleries, Rain Exhibition Center) I moved to the US and began experimenting with digital forms of art, having always been extremely interested in this medium."

S.C. Virtes
Look for SCV works in Analog, Zipzap, Schema, Space & Time, more...


TEXT7.TXT by Krumm has been thoroughly revised for better compatibility with the standard for converting MS-DOS filenames between platforms. 'TEXT7.TXT' has been substituted for the original version's 'Text7.txt' on all occurrences. When installing TEXT7.TXT on Unix systems, a quasi-original version can be obtained with the following Perl expression:
TEXT7.TXT by Krumm is now recognized as a standard protocol of [INLINE] poetry and has influenced numerous derivative works by other on-line poets, and Perl programmers. Thank you for your support.

Editorial address

CI Acad. Poet. Aeth., J. Lehmus, Stenbocksv. 24, 02860 Esbo, Finland


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ISSN 1239-5773