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Nenad Bodganovic

Networker Gallery Nenad Bogdanovic

Something Personal on Networker Gallery Nenad Bogdanovic

I, the Networker Gallery Nenad Bogdanovic, was born - originate in 1955 in Odzaci, Yugoslavia.

My body - the gallery is already an artistic institution but it is an artistic project that has not been commercialised.

My body - the gallery is not a cold, insensitive space, a room - an exhibit. My body - the Networker Gallery is an exceptionally communicative exhibitional room - object. It is not closed and limited in co-operation with other artists and artistic groups interested in exhibiting and collective creative work and communication.

I, the Networker Gallery Nenad Bogdanovic, am not a selling gallery of artistic works. My body - the gallery does not organise buying and selling artistic projects and exhibitions. It does not trade with artists, exhibitors and collaborators. It does not deal in their artistic works and projects.

The relations between me, the Networker Gallery Nenad Bogdanovic, and many artists and co-operating exhibitors is exceptionally honest and mutually open and sincere. They, the artists collaborators, refuse the former buying-selling system of the most of today's galleries and museums, and gladly exhibit and co-operate with me, with my body, the Networker Gallery.

With the very act of exhibiting and communicating with me, with my body - the Networker Gallery, all the artists and many other known and unknown collaborators, in the best way express their attitude towards the art itself, their audience and problems in the contemporary art and show their relations with them.

Exhibition No. 13

The exhibition installed on the body of the Networker Gallery "Nenad Bogdanovic" by Le Peintre Nato with Ylvie in Paris, France, on August 23th, 1994.

Networker Gallery "Nenad Bogdanovic", S. Markovica 41, 25250 Odzaci, Yugoslavia

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Photographs from Nenad's documentary xerox copies.
"Networker Post" stamp by ARTPOOL.