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Alan Sondheim


...saw Videodrome for the first time tonight, missed it years ago - there's a signal that can be sent out with the television image - makes you hallucinate - tumors are involved - and it reminded me that I did that about three years ago - reconfiguring some old broadcast equipment I had - created those loops - put me into a trance for the duration - stages of migraine showlights as well - flashbacks - had to stop, but it's possible - the screen began boiling, spilled into the room - had never seen anything like it before - I've got the technique, the tapes to prove it - signal going wild on the vectorscope, waveform monitor - wouldn't duplicate - couldn't duplicate - signal didn't take - it's the original or it's nothing at all - the only way to do it, only way to bring it all home - so what's the point -

but that there was some direct physiological effect involved - it affects the ipseity of sight - burned its way through the flesh - nothing like that had happened before, just those minor flashes you get at around 7 Hz related to the epileptic, but this was something else - close cousin as well - anyway - so there's the stuff of video, stuff of the original tape itself, absolutely necessary as I said (reminds me of Brian Gysin, you too?) - eye-stuff, sight-stuff - cut your teeth on it - so what's equivalent here - the addiction, say to CMC something else again, a question of reading, loneliness, neuropsychosis (let me get away with that) (let me get away with this) -

is it that inner speech - forgetting the reading - is it that inner speech -

what happens when the light spills out, when the words spill out? what happens when you read no more - Ganzfeld all the way, Ganzfeld coming through - (get that audience in here) (prepare them for the worst) (hold their attention) (naked girls boys anything) (drugs whatever) - lights go down, curtains up - some sort of sound, pulsations - tell them whatever you want - there's no bidding to do - not with the stuff of light, the stuff of sound - like a wave rave not like a Net, yet -

screen slivers cuts like hell molecular

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