CONTENTS Glossolalia 8

Jacob Arnold

3 pieces

Reunion Collage

Recovery. Tantrum forgotten because it's friendLove. (Snuggled warmPress; Blanketed handHolding.) Restaurant Encounter. Unrealized change. Sitting aloneTogether-- ajar without knownGrowth swing and played-out squabbling. Tablepounce ache-- this old friend. Spooned. ("Subject: tounceing--prouble, ting--single.") E-mail over scattered songless twist of glassCopperCable. Cold digit. Binary nightmare. Ghost cursor askew keeps us crossed. Game Map in Darkness-- this poem to pitch black scribble angled, overlapped by cursive scrolling. AngerSorrow path quadrants, North being long ago replaced by Z axis. Tangled press cube cage cross. Spike tinsel jack, ball rolling scooped bounce--swing--rubber. (Cold metal difference.) Driving Confusion comes, by-drive slammed. Security U-turn crunch by circles. Don't Look Kcab (backwards). Blasted acid-taste burnt-- foot squinting terrormare at this nothing calculus buzzed. Reunited yet not together without this missing part, past of realization, of nothing after plunge line break-- But still leave them that, her nothing. Pierced, this isn't it. Complaint. Depressed again. Don't be. End is end. Drawn to firetruck spotlight, crowd under red flashing wolfcry. Helpcry. Silly placing priority on a rambling poem over sleep. Combination of need this *is*/ No Continue.

Those Coin-Op Binoculars

I never thought TV snow could be comforting, but with this black-lit techno-bass-beat rush, rhythmic pixel frenzy's almost psychedelic. Wires are electric next to my pillow-- patch corded dreams of lost humanity, immortality, innocence... or just the colors.

Exhaustion Games

lying here in bed I'm telling myself this isn't what everything is the repeating voice telling the voice "not a thought" or you'll never go to sleep primordial fear crossed with obsessive-compulsive tendencies contrasts with instinct and exhaustion

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