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John Geraets

Common Use

Any baBy faCe Doesn't Exactly Forgive forGet oH I'd Judge Known
actuaL nuMbers New Once hamPered Quite narRow stepS thaT Under
eVerybody's Wearniness niXed mY amaZement.

Being taCtfully dresseD wE'd deFtly assiGned tHose JIm'd reJected
lacKing aLas My aNgel Orange Peel seQuestered fRom Spoons thaT
yoU wouldn't'Ve Wished waXed Year's baZaar agAin.

Cor diD shE Fitly Go wHom I'd Jetisoned looKing recentLy Mmm theN
hOpelessly Placated Quite Readily loSt Then Utter eVery Word
eXcessive hYpe bambooZled agAin By.

Did thEy Feel Good wHen I Jilted Karen Let Me kNow fOrever
perhaPs Questions aRe Serious To yoU haVe We conteXt Your Zero
Any Better trunCated?

ShE aFter swimminG Hourlong In fraJile stroKe forepLaid My
feeliNgs Once apPlied Quite neaR Summer Time sUn View Went
eXemplified Yes doZed A Bit Coffee Droll.

Future braGgard aHem indIgenous maJestic Kinglike Lord moMentous
eNtity Opulent oPining Queenlike jesteR Sunken Toed
sUrreptitiously Varied loW cruX anY laZY Able aBle coCk Dulled

Gates througH In Junklike flecKs Loud Moles inteNd tO Piss
Quietly Round Side The hoUse wiVes Will eXit Yielding Zealously
sAtisfying Bodies Crank Down Each Foot.

BreatHes In Jets attacK Ladies alL Makes dowN nOt uP sQuash
Reptilian Staged Tigers Up staVes beloW eXemplified easY Zippers
As Bacteria Crept Down hEarted Feather breedinG.

I'd reJuvenate Knowledge Learnt froM eNcyclopedias Of imProper
reQuirements Rudimentarily Swept inTo catalogUes reViewable
Within eXcerpted historY exerciZes thAt taBulate Carefully Don't
eschEw afFective knowledGe altogetHer.

Juggle Knowledge Legs May kNeel dOwn Perhaps beQueath chaRt duSt
thaT bUsts shiVers Worry MeXicans stYley wiZen All craBs deCk
loaD bEige beeF diG botH Indonesians.

Kick ovaL Males eNd Our Puling Quibbling Rowdies Such Toughened
Usage inVeigle tomorroW boX todaY jeeZe thAnks Bud taCky sheD
shE'd deFer aGain However I'd Judged.

Lambs aMong mankiNd's opiniOn Pities uniQue roosteR's Stir To
gesticUlate Venus aWay relaXing daY aZimuth situAtion But Crime
Doesn't presEnt difFiculties amonG gHostlike gestatIons Junk's

Mix DaNiel Over malaPropism Quels Rope Sputter againsT Umpteenth
Veal-broWn soX drY breeZe mountAin douBt reCently forgeD tEa
aFter Guests exHorted lIfe reJuvenate life-liKe.

Now fOr oPen aqui roosteR nerveS weTs troUbles marVelously
sorroWful weetbiX maYbe Zenith Allows triBal Community gathereD
togEther For urGent Hour hI John quicK Let Me.

Over-desPerate Quotes appeaR Sad Today sUddenly arriVed Which
uneXpectedly delaY bizZare Arsehole acroBats sCrapping mooDily
togEther unFriendly Gathering tHat Is reJuvenated lucKily luckiLy
My auNt.

Payday Quick arRive Soon Today reqUire eVen tomorroW betwiXt
Yesterday craZy Alright But acCounts Due arE Fully aGreed However
feelIngs inJured cranKy Limbo dreaMs Now bOtched!

OpaQue Rockery Stirs creduliTy Until seVeral Witches eXcavating
stYles Zwished neArby Broadening Children's Dainty eyEs aFter
Gusting Hastily In Jumpsuits Knitted Lovingly Many moNths agO.

ARrests Separate Two Uncles giVen What foXes theY Zealously
complAined aBout Conditions Deteriorating evEry Foot takinG Hold
In proJected inK pLaced iMmediately dowN On Parchment Quadrants.

Saturnine Tailors Undo reVealing neWs eXpect griZzly AcroBats
acroBating aCrobats Doing Everything Fancy dancinG Heavily
heavIly Just attacKing virtualLy More thaN Ogling peoPle Queue

Toy Underpriced shoVels Went neXt really Zealous A Bit Crazy
Don't Each Friend Guest Host Indeed abJect Kids Lambs muMble
nooNday pOems Often Quoted oR Sung.

Us caVe dWellers eXist bY doZens And Billions aCtually Done yEars
For biG tHe whIle Jam caKes Lose Moisture iN Ointments pOked
Quickly dRy aS Too.

I'Ve Wished eXcitedly You'd sneeZe finAlly douBle-matChed Duties
donE preFerably enouGh dougH rIsen readJust sKewered sLightly
Modest aNnouncement On riPening Quagmires Run aliaS Tried.

Why magaZines pAy contriButors' Contributions Doesn't gEt
conFidence Going However I Just thinK I'lL Mention mentioN
mentiOn liPs Quietly gatheRing storieS sTories contribUtors

EXraneous Yes snooZer A Button Coined Down dEep From Gee Her
prInt Jacket Kept simiLlarly liMited caN Only apPoint Qualified
manageRs whoSe Tummies exUde Voluminous disemboWelments.

AZure dAy Bizzes baCk unDer hEr Frayed straiGht enougH hIstory
Just winKing Laughter Many meN espOuse Per Quarterly Roster Still
To moVe Whether eXamples buY.


Any Being Cor Did shE Future Gates breatHes I'd Juggle Kick Lambs Mix Now Over-desperate Payday opaQue aRrests Saturnine Toy Us I'Ve Why eXtraneous aZure.

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