G l o s s o l a l i a
Electronic Journal for Experimental Arts [ 8 ] October 1996
ISSN 1239-5773

Editor: J. Lehmus

information, [ME: a forming of the mind < ML, L: idea, conception]

C o n t e n t s

Poetry & Prose

Common Use by John Geraets
3 pieces by Jacob Arnold
8 pieces by John M. Bennett
Untitled [dream] by Travis Martin
IX by Johan de Wit
Ganzfeld by Alan Sondheim
Echo torrentis by J. Lehmus

Graphics folio

Souvenir from Chãos by Ruggero Maggi
Postcard from Julien Blaine


Networker Gallery Nenad Bogdanovic by Nenad Bogdanovic

Title image: postcard by Ted Purves

Contributors to this issue

Jacob Arnold
Jacob Arnold is a terrified mind cartographer who is currently a student of English Lit. at Ithaca College in New York.

John M. Bennett

Julien Blaine
Le Moulin de Ventabren, 13122 Ventabren, France

Nenad Bogdanovic
S. Markovica 41, 25250 Odzaci, Yugoslavia

Johan de Wit
Flat 1, Sylva Court, 21 Putney Hall, London SW15 3NX, England

John Geraets
"'Common Use' is part of an ongoing sequence of poems that use alphabet jackets. In this case, narrative-like sentences are constructed using words in which successive letters of the alphabet are capitalized."

J. Lehmus

Ruggero Maggi
Corso Sempione 67, 20149 Milano, Italy

Travis Martin
"This is my first attempt at publishing any work of mine, so I may be leaving vital knowledge out."

Ted Purves
0.0 Editions, 3625 23rd St., San Francisco, CA 94110, USA

Alan Sondheim

Atmosphere: Fred Frith, Jigsaw

Editorial address

CI Acad. Poet. Aeth., J. Lehmus, Stenbocksv. 24, 02860 Esbo, Finland



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ISSN 1239-5773