Stephen Thorne

Four poems


greenest plume sleek est flame a brown bone stone bi cep of pure gaseous in tensity a cold subterranean shoulder pilfered heart hy aenic d oo r silver shadows skitte r noble doomy r oo m s m oulder bloom s rust flutter star gobbet of burnt dew thorne of rainbows night in trascendence an inexorable 'x' (flute-throated)


sputtering artery holes holes rotten jubilance this sky-filled lungs dappled red poison e d e ad lavender - peachloam a bantam bitten scarlet cock roa ch deaf heaps of scum //no moon//to find no// shame slim SUN shame SUM highway saucers alongthe LAUGH orange loom orizons orange in the bluem scabrous MIRACLES deaff lesh ingested black bleach wizards leadironsteel varicose mundane particles casually snagging lite snaff ling spume (onwards?) moving forever pushing ................ heaps of anti-matter gather at the hinge of a face widows onto foam outof space .inter-splicingNOTHING


hairy Darkness Kin lights BLAC agreenstaronowhite sky summoned by a ngels go to ground go to faster faster sleep a hairlin efract urous ound the k ofane ye/s (thestartofthepasttheendofthefuture) aline cry stal soln. spatte ring ofamouth yawn asal blee ding I'd like to hear my homeagain


her brain is all mixed w. sno where she lives moaning morning dog rose sick flower her train w. sno in the mourning weeping sunset flower be mine inviolate languorous stemming brimming by bloom where she sits the dog whose rose hangs in defecit up will sno were her hair no longer to be fused w. love,soap or briony capture the morning in full flow w. sick yellows the day blows hope lessly wor king me stab ilise the dead rose emblematic pitted petals make her perfect all beauty must remain manu fractured

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Illustration by J. Lehmus.