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Cyanobacteria International:
Archive of Manifesti

by J. Lehmus

  1. Initial manifesto from 1992
  2. Manifesto from March 1993
  3. Lémna Pistia
  4. Submitting contributions for publication in Lémna Pistia
  6. Invitation: CANCER.COM
  7. Visual diversions: Body without organs
  8. The Irrationalist manifesto / permutations
  9. Communication Irrationalism
  10. A partial manifesto: To collective creativity - a selection of revised glosses
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Initial manifesto

  1. cyanobacteria is an unstructured body of artists
  2. cyanobacteria perceives the true aesthetic quality as the highest value and meaning of any information
  3. the art of information is magic
a member of this collective is any individual willing who practises informational of artistic exchange or transmit of any type. a personal announcement of this membership should be addresses to mr j lehmus

lémna pistia is a documentary flux journal of the collective; three isuues per year being published

transmission of images/
interference of discord harmony/
aesthetic flux of information/
documentary chart of immeasurable change
(indescribable, spontaneous mutation)
lémna pistia is continually accepting contributions of various types from all members of the collective. the members of this conspiracy web receive volumes of the journal in exchange to their collaboration

I invite all artists and informants worldwide to shift their minds in the vicinity of this oscillating frequency of distort'd and luminous, transareal octoplasm: plantescale organism in psyché-liquid state -


outside the velocities of sound and light, physically unmeasurable


omniscience, omniscientif.

J. Lehmus

Undated, 1992


C.I. is an unstructured body of Artists. C.I. perceives and exalts the true easthetic quality as the highest value and meaning of all information. This sublime quality is the hidden spirit seed of information: the veiled Meaing through which it is possible to find a contact with the sphere of Ideas. The Art of information is the science of change: Art Magic.

Primordial Ideas: poetical translations of the Book of Changes, stellar mechanics, dreamwebs of the Sephirothic correspondency.

The purport fo C.I. is ti experiment with new mediums and languages for propagation of the poetical message. This study is extended to embrace forgotten. neglected, abandoned of otherwise unknown territories of expression and logic. C.I. is a research for Alchemistic connection, sorrespondence, transmutation and dislocation. Flux transmit: shadow Idea, dream image, confluent analogy.

C.I. stays away from all scientific and religious orders. C.I. is a quest for implicit freedom in thought and expression.

C.I. is an oscillating, transareal octoplasm, its nucleus centred in creative chaos: change. vitality, unstability. C.I. is a living germ, mental diseases seeking continuously new forms of expression: new symptoms, new hosts, new surfaces to infect. C.I. is an uncontrollable revolt against the rigidified form. C.I. is a seed embryo for new aesthetic perception.

This revolt delves its rudimentary roots into the works of the Symbolists and the DEcadents, the experiments and methods of the DAdaists, and the vital correspondence and interference of the worldwide Network.

New members are invited to enter the collective. All members receive information about the proceedings of the collective. No membership fees are set: the only requisite demanded drom a member of the Cyanobacteria International is activity.

Upon all requests for information and contact, please address the Archivist j. lehmus.

Fragmentierung. Blau Zelle, Kreiselwelle; spinning, spinning. Chromagene microspheres, radiating Schizophyta: they destroy enemies at a distance

J. Lehmus, 10 March 1993


Also published in Grist On-line 2

Lémna Pistia

j lehmus to collective creativity

lémna pistia is documenting a gyrovague experiment operating upon the chromosomes of beauty and perception: muses and daemons of beauty and information: chaotic information: chaotic evolution, mutation: rebirth through destruction.

lémna pistia is a salamander, omniplasm, protean chaos diffluens, striving to live in the streaming flux of continual creation and destruction, in the fiery rther of irrationalism, in the sphere of lucid inspiration. lémna pistia is a procession of muses constantly altering their glistering robes, veiled, veiledm shifting through burning chambers of fevered logic: dancing, dancing, matrix-step and hallucin.

The Artist is invited to participate in this uncoordinated project. Please submit, a) visual material for publication or deviation, no restrictions of size; or, b) 100 copies in the size of 149 x 209 mm. lémna pistia is published upon an irregular basis, three numbers composing one volume of approx. 200 pages. All collaborators receive a copy of the journal.

The C.I. invites distortion of the published data. All methods of alienation, association, destruction, dislocation and duplication are accepted. The published work serves as source material for future experimentation; every number of the journal will thus be a depiction of a successive generation in one continuous mutational line.

Within this publication, the C.I. attempts to banish all forms of copyright, in order to reverse the fundamental concept of "originality".

J. Lehmus, 7 June 1993


Also published in Grist On-line 2

Two issues of Lémna Pistia were published.

Submitting contributions for publication in Lémna Pistia

lémna pistia is published by j lehmus in Kuopio, Finlandia on behalf of the Cyanobacteria International.

The object of this publication is to document an uncoordinated experiment in chaotic information theory. lémna pistia is a fractured log of an indescribable, gyrocague journey in microcosmic Time and Space. lémna pistia is a research project for alchemistic omniscience.

lémna pistia accepts contributions for consideration from anymone, preference being given to works illustrating the mutation of the daemons and muses of beauty and information. Cyanobacteria operates upon a principle of free exchange of documents: collaborators receive free copies of the journal. All contributions will be preserved in archives unless when demanded to be returned.


To minimise transcipt errata, the manuscripts should be typewritten, when this is possible. As a rule, research papers and such documents will be published completely unabridged and unedited, facsimile, and the Author is insisted to pay a special attention to the visual form and appearance of the document. The Author should also strive for a clear style of writing. To comply with the International Rules, Latin descriptions should be supplied to validate new terms and nomenclature.


Because of the cost of reproducing photographs, illustrations executed in black ink, photocopy, collage and such techniques are preferred. For the same reason, as many figures as asre consistent with calrity and aesthetic appearance, should ne grouped together to form a plate. When illustrations are intended to accompany an article or a research paper, numerous small figures in the text are to be avoided. Only charts, tables and such simple graphs should be introduced to appear in text pages. Photographs, when necessary, should be printed on glossy, contrast paper and planned for reproduction as full page paltes of 105 x 169 mm (4.1 x 6.6 inches), or smaller.

The Artist is also encouraged to personally execute the duplicating process of his/her contriburion. One hundred copies must be produced in the size of 149 x 209 mm (5.8 x 8.1 inches). No restrictions are given as for the techniques employed in this process of duplication: everything will be accepted, provided that the content of the work filts inside the general standards set to determine the focus of the publication.

The above orders are not to be obeyed strictly. These are mere guidelines to define some fundamental directions and the Artist is admitted his/her freedom of expression.

J. Lehmus

Undated, c. 1992


These guidelines were adapted from instructions for contributors to a scientific journal.


Brio Cell : a multiple voiced muse of collective creativity. Continuous visual / conceptual poetry project with no deadline. Send text, diagrams, references, abstracts for infusion. Send 20 copies, size A4 (297 x 210 mm), please sign your work : "Brio Cell". Every participant will receive one portfolio.


Undated, c. September 1993


This project is still active. Address material to: J. Lehmus, Stenbocksv. 24, 02860 Esbo, Finland


An illustration from the reverse side of the Electronic Revolution: the role of computers as propagators of evironmental disease and emotional plague.


The Artist is invited to submit 40 copies or original works. Technique: free. Size: 210 x 297 mm. Deadline: 1 February 1994.

All contributors receive a portfolio of CANCER.COM.


Undated, c. September 1993

Visual diversions: Body without organs

Undated, early 1994

The Irrationalist manifesto / permutations

Everything is true. Everything is permitted. Everything can mutate.
Everything is true. Everything is permitted. Nothing can mutate.
Everything is true. Nothing is permitted. Everything can mutate.
Everything is true. Nothing is permitted. Nothing can mutate.
Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. Everything can mutate.
Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. Nothing can mutate.
Nothing is true. Nothing is permitted. Everything can mutate.
Nothing is true. Nothing is permitted. Nothing can mutate.

J. Lehmus, July 1995


Originally published in Glossolalia 1

"The act of double negativism is the most positive of all possibilities." (E.N. 1981)

Communication Irrationalism

CI is an anti-organization devoted to experimenting with communication and mutations of information.

in*for*ma*tion, ... n. 6. (in communication theory) an indication of the number of possible choices of messages, expressible as the value of some monotonic function of the number of choices, usually log to the base 2. 7. Computer Technol. any data that can be coded for processing by a computer or similar device {also in a biological sense}. [ME: a forming of the mind < ML, L: idea, conception]


Originally published in Glossolalia 2

A partial manifesto: To collective creativity

Cyanobacteria International (C.I.) is an unorganized body of artists devoted to experimentation with language and communication in their diverse aspects.

a gyrovague experiment operating upon the chromosomes of beauty and perception : muses and daemons of beauty and information : chaotic information : chaotic evolution, mutation : rebirth through destruction...

All material is available for mutation. It is impossible to "protect" the sources.

It is impossible to examine any process without disturbing it, influencing its course. The examiner involved becomes a part of the system he is analyzing. By this analogy, Cyanobacteria Publications is not an external, objective presentation of the becoming of C.I., but an integral part in that activity.

LANGUAGE. Living language growing out of dead, rigid systems; language through entropy, destruction; chaos language, dream language. Language = terrain vague. This study is extended to embrace forgotten, neglected, abandoned or otherwise unknown territories of expression and logic. C.I. is a research project for Alchemistic connection, correspondence, transmutation and dislocation.

SYNERGY. Our dream entitled: Negative Entropy. New meaning emanating from an uncontrollable interference of two or more interconnected factors. Virtual poetry.

This is an irrational project and all produced publications and other documents are of necessity fragmentary and imperfect.

J. Lehmus, 1992-1996

C.V.I. Documents: Copyright © 1996 J. Lehmus. Material may be used without permission if a link to the C.V.I. Index file http://www.thing.net/~grist/cyano/doc/ci.htm is included.

2 October 1996