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Cyanobacteria International:
Brief History

by J. Lehmus

1992 The first manifesto vaguely introduced C.I. as an anti-organization of communication artists. Dozens of interested parties soon communicated their agreement by signing up as members of C.I.

1993 Lémna Pistia, the first official publication of C.I. released.

The mail art travelers Angela and Peter Netmail visited me in August.

Arbor mortis project started.

1994 Aquaflora, the first C.I. postal exchange project exhibited in Kuopio in May.

Started compiling Brio Cell, a visual poetry portfolio edition as a documentation of the poetic exchange of ideas and materials. Brio Cell was also intended as a benevolent reference to the mail artist Ryosuke Cohen and his now classic Brain Cell project. Many C.I. members and non-members contributed to Brio Cell.

Linguablanca series started in December.

1995 Friendly communication with David Dellafiora results in the establishment of Field Study International in London.

Glossolalia issue 1 released in June.

Proposals for two presently undocumented / unrealized projects, Suitcase and Black wings for a white body.

1996 Projection, exhibition of communication art at Jangva Gallery, Helsinki. See the exhibition documentation page.

Systematic cataloguing of the CI archive begun in September. Cyanobacteria Virtual International Archive Catalogue will be accessible on the WWW late 1996.

The scheduled C.I. activities have been heavily delayed and ridden with "third-party" lags. However, C.I. survives and will continue its existence/influence, also in the virtual realms of the Internet.

New memberships to Cyanobacteria Virtual International (C.V.I.) are now available.

C.V.I. Documents: Copyright © 1996 J. Lehmus. Material may be used without permission if a link to the C.V.I. Index file http://www.thing.net/~grist/cyano/doc/ci.htm is included.

19 September 1996