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Communication Irrationalism

Annales Academiae Poeticae Aetheris, June 1995

Communication Irrationalism: A Field Study Emanation

  1. CI is a division of the POETRY FACTORY.

  2. CI is an unorganized collective. There is no hierarchy. Any member (or non-member) of the collective may produce and distribute information and material under the name CI. The collective is a body for communicational irrationalism and experimentation in correspondence. Basically this is nothing new to Mail Art and collective creativity.
    cipher                   illogicism
    code                     illuminism
    collage                  illusionism
    collective               imitatism
    communication            immediatism
    compound                 imperceptivalism
    conference               impressionism
    connection               improvisationalism
    contact                  incidentalism
    contagion                indeterminism
    convention               inter-ism
    conversation             intra-imagism
    convocation              intrapsychicism
    correlation              irrationalism
    correspondence           irrealism
    cryptograph              irrelativism
    curiosa                  *ism

Cyanobacteria International: A Discussion

by Ezra & J. Lehmus

To Mr. J. Lehmus with all due respect and with true comradely intention the following critique is submitted for mutual edification and forwarding of the laudable goals and refining of the methodologies of research, discovery and realization of the indelibly inscribed transmissions that rest too often hidden in inner depths of all souls wandering outside unification as raised this evening of 20 October, 1993 after creation 5754 by Ezra in search of truth.


REFLUX / REWIND: IN ORDER TO DIRECT A MOVEMENT. (The physical laws of movement can also be understood as attempts to define an artistic movement. Energy theories, wave theories. Interstellar radio flux. Waves emanating from Lesbos: ethereal, electromagnetic waves echoing through the Time / Space. Yeats dreamed of converging gyres, interference, the angels who emit.)

is an unstructured body...

How can a body not have a structure -- do you mean a particular kind of structure is lacking, e.g., a hierarchical structure? How can it be totally devoid of structure and still stand up?

I. Structure. True, it is impossible to devise a functional entity devoid of structure. On denying the structure of the CI, I thought more specifically of a rigid, organized hierarchical structure. I think that "structure" in the classic sense of "order" can be seen as an accidental state of chaos. Organized structure pertains inseparably to civilization. Thus, we should adopt a new name to address our state of altering, mutating structure: DESTRUCTURE, tumult. Undefined viral growth flux movement infecting hosts via changing media.

of Artists.

Why a capital "A"?.

CI perceives and exalts the true aesthetic quality...

How defined? this "true aesthetic quality"?

as the highest value and meaning of all information.

The aesthetics of "information", an interesting idea - beautiful information.

AESTHETIC QUALITY. Chimeras perceived through the language (system) of Beauty (as opposed to Knowledge, informative quality). Information is a memory bank of perceptions. The highest value of information is the access to Beauty. We absorb the information of the civilization for our own experiments.

This sublime quality is the hidden spirit seed of information: the veiled Meaning through which it is possible to find a contact with the sphere of Ideas. The Art of information is the science of change: Art Magic. Primordial Ideas: poetical translations of the Book of Changes...

is this not an "order of sorts"?

stellar mechanics, dream webs of the Sephirothic correspondence.

Zohar, Tree of Life, Jewish Kabbalah, Yetzirah? How deep is our experience in these areas?

The purport of CI is to experiment with new media and languages for propagation of the poetical message.

Of information?

LANGUAGE. Living language growing out of dead, rigid systems; language through entropy, destruction; chaos language, dream language. Language = terrain vague.

This study is extended to embrace forgotten, neglected, abandoned or otherwise unknown territories of expression and logic. CI is a research for Alchemistic connection, correspondence, transmutation and dislocation.

Synergy, synchronisity, Jung.

SYNERGY. Our dream entitled: Negative Entropy. New meaning emanating from an uncontrollable interference of two or more interconnected factors. Virtual poetry. Flux transmit: shadow Idea, dream image, confluent analogy.

CI stays away from all scientific and religious orders.

But from where comes information? Have not the "orders" also been sources?

CI is a quest for implicit freedom in thought and expression.

Certainly, but not at the expense of ignoring the sources. The fear of authority should only be appropriate in the face of those who have no claim to authority.

SOURCES. CI stays outside of all scientific and religious orders. Our creativity should not be enclosed within, or hindered by, any dogma; including definitions offered herein. We do accept and appreciate already existing systems of symbols as key-boards. We employ these systems as devices for our expression, indeed like the biologists base their study on various systems of fossils. But our practice is more of an intuitional quality.

CI is an oscillating, transareal ectoplasm, its nucleus centred in creative chaos: change, vitality, instability. CI is a living germ, mental disease seeking continuously new forms of expression: new symptoms, new hosts, new surfaces to infect. CI is an uncontrollable revolt against the rigidified form. CI is a seed embryo for new aesthetic perception. This revolt delves its rudimentary roots into the works of the Symbolists and Decadents, the experiments and methods of the Dadaists...

And surely also the Surrealists, Ernst, Breton, Eluard, et al.

and the vital correspondence and interference of the worldwide Network.

online electronic and offline.

New members are invited to enter the collective. All members will receive information about the proceedings of the collective. No membership fees are set: the only requisite demanded from a member of the Cyanobacteria International is activity. Upon all requests of information and contact, please address J. Lehmus.

[Version of a text published in GRIST On-line number 5]

Lémna Pistia/Lémna Débris

"The CI invites distortion of the published data. All methods of alienation, association, destruction, dislocation and duplication are accepted. The published work serves as source material for future experimentation; every number of the journal will thus be a depiction of a successive generation in one continuous mutational line."

[From LÉMNA PISTIA manifesto, 7th June 1993.]

There is a sublime agony involved in giving up the fruits of one's own torment to the hands of another, granting them full freedom to "do with it what you will" - an agony that no previous generation has been noted for. Rather the fixing of the concept, idea, or aesthetic information has been the goal; the form released from the material but, once expressed, never changed, or only replicated/repeated precisely, with, perhaps, some leeway for interpretation in the case of music. Once printed on paper the text/image is fixed. How can it continue to mutate or evolve? Rather it assumes successive states. Within the electronic media the text can evolve, for the.previous state is lost or displaced. Already this text I am writing now has evolved through many states and stages, none of which you have seen. You are reading only the results. In a cyberspace there need be no final state. ... For what is being "created" is the process itself; the work is the process, not the results of the process. On paper there is nothing to watch - only something to look at.

John Ezra Fowler

Annales Academiae Poeticae Aetheris, June 1995
CI, J. Lehmus, Stenbocksv. 24, 02860 Esbo, Finland

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