Feedback Monitor (CIUT)

I must say that it's a very interesting and unconventional release, and it also works very well as a "tool" of sorts - in this case, I was mixing it with a particularily spooky Coil track, and the result was quite nice.

 ARTIST             TRACK            ALBUM                 LABEL

 Daft Punk          "Da Funk"        Da Funk/Musique 12"   Virgin

 pHrack R           "Sigh Co."       Sigh Co. 12"          Fused & Bruised

 SIMM               "Crash"          Welcome               Possible

 Scorn              "Not Answering"  Zander                Invisible

 Circus        [C]  "U.K. Steppers"  U.K. Steppers EP      M Records

 Jimi Tenor         "Downtown"       Intervision           Warp

 Dimitri from       "Toujours        The Shibuya
 Tokyo              L'Amore"         Connection EP         Disorient

 Lisa Carbon        "Hot Lips"       Trio de Janeiro       Rather

 Watershell    [C]  "We"             Northern Circuits     Interchill

 ELpH vs.           "It Wasn't       Treat the Gods as if
 Coil               Wolves, What     They Exist            Auf Abwegen
                    Was It?"         [compilation]
 DJ Glove           "Tuning"         Tuning 12"            fLUX

feedback monitor is a weekly radio show on CIUT 89.5 FM dedicated to 
exploring the worlds of electronic, experimental and ethereal music. CIUT 
is one of North America's largest community radio stations, broadcasting 
from Toronto at 15,000 watts with a listening range that covers most of 
southern Ontario and western New York.

The host/prgrammer of feedback monitor, Greg Clow, is the compiler of CIUT's 
weekly reports to the RPM chart in CMJ, and to the BPM chart in the new 
Canadian report, !earshot. He also writes a monthly column for the Canadian 
national music magazine Chart (also called feedback monitor, and also 
covering new releases in the electronic, experimental and ethereal music 
genres), and co-publishes with Sheryl Kirby a twice-yearly (or so) 
independant publication called Stained Pages (more information can be found
at http://www.interlog.com/~stained).

If you are a label or artist with material you'd like considered for airplay
on the feedback monitor radio show, mentioned in the column, and/or reviewed 
in Stained Pages, please send it to the address noted below.

[C] denotes Canadian artist 
A fully HTMLized version of this playlist that includes links to the web 
sites of the artists & labels featured on the show can be found at:

feedback monitor                                   host/programmer: Greg Clow
158 Close Ave. 2nd Floor                                 stained@interlog.com
Toronto, ON  M6K 2V5                http://www.interlog.com/~stained/feedback
Canada                                                    fax: (416) 538-2245

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