Exhibit: The original press release issued by fLUX rECORDS. It was included in the record flat. Mailng the releases began in late February of 1997.

f L U X r E C O R D S

NEW YORK -- fLUX rECORDS releases TUNING by DJ GLOVE, the first vinyl project to be included in fLUX's Archive Of Experimental Hits (AEH). The release is an experimental DJ record on 12 inch vinyl. It signals a new phase in fLUX's program of intense sonic surprise. TUNING is a prime example of a new attitude capturing DJ scenes all over the world. In this project DJ GLOVE is substituting the entire collection of predictable grooves with a recording of a woman tuning a piano.

The world wide release is March 1 '97.

This volume is strictly limited.

Box 2141
New York
NY 10163