Artist Statement

*Somatic Architectures*, electronic architecture as bodily extensions, a means by which we can build visual texts. Sequences building interfaces by which we can offer a binding for technologies as they age in their rapid decay. Building chanels for ubiquitous memory systems. A half life in any other format of feed or transference. Building architectures that are robust from the revolving visual interfaces we are in the process of sophisticated beta testing.

Haunting ethernet zones of vaporware, asking them to become more solid, as if that was a possiblity to manifest. Locations with the ability to drastically alter temporal voice data transmissions, bending meaning over time and language, until it yields.

Warped in structures that define irreparable damage. Shifting the pulse, speaking many voices, filling my databanks with the flexability of fiction. Allow me the ears to listen and manifest the phrases that splinter...shreading layers of truth to mirror my vision---it's persistence belongs to a data body i had little input in the logic of designing. The memory we teach our muscles to hold, the capacity muscles have for somatic data--memory that is retained between our nerves and their translations in motion thru the circuits that have been defined as muscle.

Splaying the somatic, peeling back the deadened outer layer, the one that takes moisture and hardens, an unrelenting scar between the inner sanctum of functioning generations of sacred tissue and fluid. It's chemical conversation so intricate---no artificial simulation has been close to mirroring it, speaking a language we have yet to understand--differend and unquestioned ubiquity, that is where we hope to be lead--a paralelled universe that emerses me fully in a language built with systems for memories unlike any i've witnessed before, in allocations of traditional configuration.

-Diane Ludin

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