"Agent Architecture" a Networked Installation

*The women say that, with world full of noise, they see themselves as already in possession of the industrial complexes. They are in the factories, aerodromes and radio stations. They have taken control of communications. They have taken possession of aeronautical, electronic, ballistic, data-processing factories.*
--Monique Wittig, Les Guerilleres


*Agent Architecture* will reroute the data factories of late capital by reorienting code toward micro_bandwidth stories. A multi_platform installation from the work of three identity_runners; Diane Ludin, Francesca DiRimini and Agnese Trochhi. Each identity_runner perverts networks by peeling back the layers of secret waves riding the backplanes. Each of them has sent subprograms and flesh routines to each other in order to index the artificial life between machines.

*Agent Architecture* invents networks for the repossession of machines. Each architectural agent's identity_run subroutines have been encoded with a combination of CUseeme and Real Audio/Real Video broadcasts which have been translated into an html_gesture.


The installation involves projecting each identity runner's net architecture of agency (reflected in the site). One wall for each series to be determined from the collection of pages and videos posted on the site. Together and remotely, we will build a database of memories to be uploaded and acessable, globally.

The second part of the installation will be adding a loop of broadcast through surveillence cameras as if they were revolving channels in various places throughout the city and festival. Ideally, outputting our net architecture to surveillance cameras in banks, department stores, other places that have elaborate security sysytems. Input to the installation of our Agent Architectural database projections, will be the data that those same surveillance cameras capture. A variety of public postions will build a composite of various surveillance camera shots. The external mediated visual text of surveillance cameras, bring with them a certain context of 'the real'. The chosen sites of surveillance to be determined by each Agent Identity Runner.

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