Diane Ludin
72 South 8th Street, Apartment #4
Brooklyn, NY 11211


Group show at The Swiss Institute, New York City in March.

"Speed Economies: Broadcast Documents":
Residency reciepient for the winter 1999-2000 season - at The World Trade Center, (Part of it's "World Views Residency Program" through Thundergulch and the L.M.C.C.) Group show (of work produced throughout the residency) in April.

"Genetic Response System: version 2.0":
Netspecific media collage commisioned by Turbulence to be launched in May, currently under development.

"Identity Runners: re_flesh the body":
Hybrid netcast and real-time performance commisioned for Franklin Furnace "Future of the Present 2000" series in collaboration with Francesca DiRimini (Adelaide, Australia) and Agnese Trocchi (Rome, Italy) broadcasts scheduled for September.>

"Mayan Technologies":
Collaborative performance with The Electronic Disturbance Theater for Millenium's Neighborhood at Judson Church, New York City, December

"Last (no)exit: net":
Group net art selection for Ciberarte '99 by Jose Luis Brea (follow links for seleccion net-art)

"Identity Runners: re_flesh the body":
In collaboration with Los Fantasmas for "The Overdose Fiction Festival" Rome- Italy, July

Group show at ‘The Collective Unconscious” New York City, April

“Artificial Geographic”: Fakeshop worker
Broadcast of CUSeeMe conferencing event and performance with ‘Fakeshop’ and 'Los Fantasmas' on tv, radio, and internet for “The Next Five Minutes” in Amsterdam, March

“Genetic Response System: version 1.0"
Collaborative html, javascript based site compiled for Life 2.0 competition in Madrid Spain, received honorable mention, exhibited with their “Best of Life 2.0” exhibition. January.

“Los Dias y los Noches del Muertos”:
Collaborative hypertext project with Francesca di Rimini, Marco Desiriis, and Ricardo Dominguez (under development) first version web interface:

"Affinity Dreams":
Artificial character outlines

Hypertext fiction and image collage created for TRACE Online journal-FRAME 2

“Multiple Dwellings”: Fakeshop worker
Hybrid web broadcast and physical performance with Fakeshop, June

1996-97: Collaborative Participations

“Future’s Memory-cu see me tv”:
A 13 episode CU SeeMe TV Project (Manhattan Cable TV)- in collaboration with Ricardo Dominguez, directed by Floating Point Unit, nyc 1997

"rDNA Imagined":
A 12 week RealAudio/RealVideo broadcast performance directed by Prema Murthy with Floating Point Unit, Ricardo Dominguez, ArtNetWeb, MIT, and, nyc 1997

Performance with Prema Murthy and Hypertext fiction for "BLAST 5: DRAMA" at Sandra Gering Gallery, curated by Martha Wilson, nyc 1996

“In The Flow: Alternative Authoring Strategies”:
An interactive installation in collaboration with Ricardo Dominguez and the X-Art Foundation at Franklin Furnace, nyc 1996

Editorial Experience:

1996-97 Associate Editor, The Thing - nyc

1994-96 Managing Editor, The X-Art Foundation - nyc
Assisted in constructing journal/projects in BLAST: 3-“Remaking Civilization”,
4-“Bioinformatica”, 5-”Drama”


1993 - State University of New York at Purchase: B.F.A. Drawing
2000 - School of Visual Arts New York City: M.F.A. Computer Art
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