~costanzo has been a web presence since 1995

This web site was created by Jim Costanzo, an artist and educator. His career began in the analogue world of photography, video and film. Today he creates multi-media installations that incorporate the above mentioned media with objects and digital imagery. He is a charter member of the artist collective REPOhistory. REPO creates site-specific public art works based on issues of class, race, gender and sexuality. He is currently teaching various forms of computer graphics at Parsons School of Design, the International Center of Photography and the Pratt Institute.

STATES OF SIEGE is a multimedia installation which originated in New York City and traveled to 2 universities. The work is based on his experiences living across the street from Tompkins Square Park in New York City's East Village during a series of riots, mini-riots, disturbances and ongoing hostility with the powers that be. He would walk home through riot police and demonstrators and then watch events play out on the tv news. Later images from "Desert Storm" the tv extravaganza and the L.A. Riots were merged with those of Tompkins Square.

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