1994. Move from east to west village on this insular isle of Manhattoes. A crosstown migration motivated by a desire for a larger living space. We quickly discovered the hidden costs of this westward journey. Leaving junkies, crack heads, hipsters and riots with an occasional homeless body crashed out in the entrance to a tiny walk up tenement, this in exchange for twice the space for only twice the cost, a bargain on this strange isle. The eastern states of siege traded for the western distractions of Horace Greeley's open spaces, mellower hood with roof rights, elevators and part-time doormen. Never enjoyed stepping over bodies in east village foyers but how can you be anonymous with part-time doormen?

Then they installed a surveillance camera, later three more. Can't sneak out for junk food at the deli across the street without leaving electronic footprints. Even tasks related to personal hygiene are monitored.

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