"Like the imaginary appetites of the social parasite, money is a purely aesthetic phenomenon, self-breeding, self-referential, autonomous of all material truth and able to conjure an infinite plurality of worlds into concrete existence."
Terry Eagleton The Ideology of the Aesthetic

Bored by the traditional buzzer and doorman's call, I have begun to issue ID cards to friends and all. Besides a break from the dreary routines of this inverted Manhattoes prison, I found that there seems to be a market for personalized identification. A form of ID that one can be proudly displayed is a rare commodity. However, the thought of mass produced K-Mart portraiture involves way too much work, while traditional historic portraiture for our devalued though omnipresent celebrities has forever lost its luster. After all look at how many dreary clubs and parties poor old Andy was forced to endure. Besides in certain circles creating art as a commodity is theoretically looked down upon, though no one has been able to reconstruct Derrida's theories in light of our rapidly rising rental rates. What's a semi-poor artist to do? With a philosophical flourish Cato throws himself upon his sword; I quietly take to sulking, incubating plans to avoid both sword and the dreary existence of bourgeois artistic production. Then I realized that true creativity lies within the conceptual framework of the light hearted larceny of the entrepreneur.

the costanzo card
An opportunity to purchase art and invest in a venture capital program guaranteed to produce a tax loss.

For years real estate developers have exploited artists to gentrify neighborhoods. Now investment bankers, money managers and credit card companies can use artists to advance their model for late capital's international monetary policy. Though international capital has long ago proved that borders are irrelevant, obsolete governments are reluctant to give up the last vestiges of power; official documents and monetary policy. Any attempt by international capitalists to advance policies to undermine such authority will be met with fierce resistance. the costanzo card, proposed by a scruffy, undercapitalized artist will be laughed at. But it will plant the seed, an idea to build on. Kingdoms shall crumble.


Are you tired of a wallet or purse filled with credit cards, drivers license and bank cards? And where can you put that damn passport? To end this mindless hassle you need the costanzo card the prototype for a new universal form of identification and finance.

the costanzo card is the new international form of identification and credit that combines all previous forms of ID, licensing and finance into one, easy to use piece of genetically coded plastic. Imagine leaving home with just one card and having the ability to travel throughout the world hassle free. Purchase airline tickets, rent a car and drive anywhere you desire while staying at the finest hotels and eating in the best restaurants. If lost or stolen, don't worry satellite and cellular technology allows us to instantly track the card anywhere in the world to eliminate or cancel it.

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