POCHONOVELA is the first bilingual, bicultural Chicano soap opera to capture the humor and madness of life in East Los Angeles. POCHONOVELA (literally meaning a hybrid Mexican-American soap opera) is a pioneering effort by US-based Latino artists to explore Latin America’s most popular form of entertainment and its most successful cultural export.
POCHONOVELA is the story of Doña Roña and her two sons, Ernesto, a hapless student activist, and Juan, a yuppie business student. Forewarned of imminent danger by her tele-astrologer Dionne D’Love, Doña Roña discovers that her son Juan is dating the wrong kind of girl, and decides to call on her neighbor the witch, Doña Antonia, for help.
Cast: Tomas Carrasco, Lalo Lopez, Elias Serna, Yolanda Gonzalez,
Nora Bonner, Luis Alfaro and Maria Elena Gaitan
Produced and Directed by: Coco Fusco
Written by: Coco Fusco,Tomas Carrasco, Lalo Lopez, Elias Serna